Thursday, 10 March 2011


Ireland’s tormentors.

Along with the former Irish government, a number of incompetent (and maybe worse) organisations have colluded to inflict a level of debt  on the people of Ireland that will bring back poverty levels worse than anything that Ireland has ever seen or experienced.

Ireland is essentiality a relatively profitable prosperous country that can pay its own way, but we can not earn enough money to service the debts imposed on its people in an attempt to salvage crooked and incompetent banks, in order to maintain the integrity of the Euro as a currency.

The smallest country in the Eurozone is expected to carry the full financial responsibility for saving the Euro as a world currency. The bigger countries that are more responsible for this financial crisis are putting all the pain on the smallest country, probably because they know that our population of 4 million poses no threat to the rest of them. In real terms Ireland cannot do anything  to alleviate these financial difficulties, and therefore our European (supposedly) friends are prepared to sacrifice Ireland in order to maintain their own economies and standards of living.

The Irish citizen got none of this money, and had no participation in the financial transactions that caused this crisis, and therefore we believe we should not be held responsible for paying off the debts that are being incurred to bail out a failed banking system that is currently trading illegally, and which is still insolvent.
A number of large European banks, financial regulators across Europe (including the Irish regulator) and ultimately the individual governments all failed to do their jobs competently, and thus created this financial crisis, somehow, our former government decided to agree that Irelands citizens would accept an unfair share of this debacle.

A number of ordinary Irish citizens with a variety of political affiliations and a number of non political people have decided to try to organise our friends around the world to hold a formal one minutes silence at midday on Saint Patricks day 17th March 2011 to try to highlight their displeasure at the way Irelands citizens are being treated by the EU commission, the International Monetary fund, and the European Central bank.

We also ask those that have parades organised for Saint Patricks day to also hold a minutes silence for the same reasons.

We believe that this will send a clear message to the incompetent authorities around Europe that inflicting poverty and hardship unjustly on Irelands citizens will not be tolerated by our friends all around the world.

If you feel Irelands citizens are being penalised unfairly and would like to support this initiative, then, please forward this document to your friends and relations around the world and ask them to pass it on to parade organisers in their areas and also to organise a midday one minute silent vigil wherever they are at midday on 17th March 2011, in work, in the pub, at mass, at the beach, everywhere that people are gathered. No matter how small or how grand the gesture it will be appreciated by Irelands citizens that our family and friends around the world are empathising with us in the difficult times and uncertain futures, that we face.

If we get a good response to this appeal we may expand it to run each year until Ireland regains her freedom and sovereignty.

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  1. Viva la revolution...Let's stand silent and united...